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Tata Outcall Massage Tokyo

24 Hour Outcall Massage Service 

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Tata outcall massage is a premium 24-hour outcall massage service. We have a large network of high-end masseuses that are professionally trained and sensitive to the needs of our clients.


We offer memberships through deluxe massages which allow you to have faster booking times, access to a larger network of masseuses and discounted rates for Thai, Oil, and Couples massages.


  Outcall massages are a luxurious and private experience that transcend normal massage experience. Do not waste time traveling and finding parking. Wait in the privacy of your own home for your masseuse to arrive.


  At home, you can play the music you want to create a full atmosphere without fear of disturbing others or other people disturbing you. After the massage is done, you can sleep and use your own bath and room to change clothes.


Tata Erotic Massage Tokyo is the finest tanta experience that is expected. 

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Massage Services

Couples Massage

1 Hour   |   90 Min   |   2 Hour

30500¥     40500¥     50500¥


1 Hour


- 30500¥


90 min


- 40500¥


2 Hour


- 50500¥

Deluxe Massage


1 Hour


- 30000¥


90 min


- 35000¥


2 Hour


- 40000¥

    1 Hour   |   90 Min   |   2 Hour  

       30000¥    35000¥    40000¥       

Oil Massage


1 Hour


- 12000¥


90 min


- 17000¥


2 Hour


- 23000¥

1 Hour  |   90 min   |  2 Hour  |  180 min

12000¥     17000¥     23000¥    27000¥  

Coconut Oil Massage


1 Hour


- 12500¥


90 min


- 17500¥


2 Hour


- 23500¥

1 Hour   |   90 min   |  2 Hour  |  180 min 

12500¥     17500¥    23500¥     27500¥

Body Scrub

30 mins  |  60 mins  | 90 mins 

900        1500        1900

Traveling surcharge for outcall massages to and other areas around Tokyo.


Our masseuses are ready to travel to you in and around Tokyo, bringing outcall massages to all metro areas at no travel surcharge if sufficient notice is given. Travel surcharge to other areas is as follows:


Metro areas of Tokyo, Return taxi fare from/to nearest MTR

Airport area: Return taxi fare from/to down town


Late night appointment or rush appointment: Return taxi fare





- 900


60 Hour


- 1400


90 mins


- 1900


Customer Reviews   

    I recently had the pleasure of experiencing an outcall massage from this wonderful establishment in Tokyo. The entire process, from booking the appointment to the actual massage, was seamless and professional. The therapist arrived promptly and brought along a comfortable massage table and all the necessary supplies. The session itself was nothing short of blissful. The therapist had a magical touch and expertly worked on all my problem areas, leaving me feeling completely refreshed and revitalized. The convenience of having the massage done in my own space was truly a luxury. I would definitely recommend this place to anyone in need of a high-quality outcall massage service in Tokyo.



✓ Improved metabolism, bone density, and endorphins
✓ Improves Blood and Lymph Circulation
✓ Increases Joint Flexibility and Improves Range-Of-Motion
✓ Improves Skin Health
✓ Promotes Weight Loss
✓ Decreases Need for Certain Medications ✓ Relieves Stress
✓ Promotes Better Sleep
✓ Lowers Blood Pressure
✓ Relieves Headaches and Migraine Pain
✓ Prepares Muscles for Work-Outs and Speeds Recovery Times Between Work-Outs